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Shop with the Best Detroit T-Shirt Store

Nov 20, 2020

Detroit Life Womens Everyone Against Covid19 Hoodie

With the temperature regularly hitting below zero in winter, we Detroiters know a little something about staying warm, while looking good. In fact, whether you live in ‘the D’ all year round, are just visiting, or call another part of the country home you’ll find all the items you need to keep warm while looking super cool at Detroit t-shirt store, Detroit Life.



Probably one of our most popular lines, and a hugely practical layering item for winter, are our Detroit Life hoodies. They come in a range of colors, patterns, and designs too, so finding one that fits your look and lifestyle will be a breeze.

For example, our  Detroit Life black camo hoodie is the perfect choice for a winter’s day when there is frost in the air and ice on the ground. It even has those all-important kangaroo pockets, which means you can keep your hands warm without having to worry about the hassle of remembering your gloves.

The black camo design is especially sought after because it matches well with a range of other items from blue and black jeans, to camo pant, and even joggers. You can, of course, layer it with other items such as a t-shirt underneath and even a heavier winter coat over the top for the days when the wind really bites.

One of the best things about the Detroit Life black camo hoodie is that it is made of a high quality 8.5 Oz. 80% cotton, 20% polyester blend. That means it’s a piece that breathes with your body, but that also has plenty of movement and flexibility for maximum comfort.

However, if a black camo version of our Detroit Life hoodie already adorns your wardrobe, there are some other options to consider. The traditional camo variety, in military green, is an excellent choice, as are the solid color versions that come in maroon, heather grey, and black.

The clothing connoisseurs among you may even wish to try our 313 design, which refers to the area code of Motor City. Alternatively, you may want to opt for our limited edition Detroit Life 50 Hoodie with a zip up the front. Be quick though as we only crafted 50 and once they are gone, they won’t be back!



Lightweight zip up

If you love the functionality of a hoodie, but don’t want to mess your look when pulling it over your head, our lightweight zip-up is another excellent choice for the winter. In fact, with our lightweight zip-up, you get all the warming benefits of a hood and kangaroo pockets, but with a convenient zip up the front.

It’s lightweight 7-ounce construction, of 55% cotton 34% poly 11% rayon fleece makes it the ideal choice to sling on as you head out the door as an added layer for the times when the wind really starts to bite. The rayon fleece also makes it soft and comfortable to wear.

Our Lightweight zip-up design differs from our other hoodies in that it displays a smaller Detroit Life logo on the front on the left-hand chest panel. While simultaneously displaying a full Detroit Life logo on the back, making it a more subtle but still impactful piece.



There is nothing more warming in the dead of winter than the right headgear. A good hat can keep all your precious body warmth from escaping from the top of your head, not to mention complete your look. After all, what is the point of being warm, if you don’t look your best while doing it?

The good news is that here at Detroit Life we have a range of hats to suit any occasion! One of our most popular lines is the baseball cap. We have a range of styles for purchase from the classic snapback to the vented trucker variety. Oh, and because we hail from the D, we also offer the Detroit Life waterproof hat.

Made from a 92/8 polyester/spandex mix, with the Detroit Life logo embroidered on the front and back this cap is quick-drying and perfect for the rainy days of autumn and winter. It’s also stain-resistant, so no matter what your day in the city throws at you, you will look just as fly at end as you did at the beginning.

Baseball style caps aren’t the only offering we have for you here at Detroit Life either. There are two more types of hat for you to choose from, including the winter beanie.

Our beanie is constructed from ribbed knit and has a thick turnover flap at the bottom so it will keep you snug even in the most frigid weather. There is no need to worry about your cred while wearing this item either, as it comes in either black or grey with our Detroit Life logo embroidered along the flap. There’s even a pink version for the shorty in your life too.

Finally, our last headgear option echoes one of the most iconic hat styles in 80’s and 90’s rap, the bucket hat. Yes, that’s if you are looking to channel the stylings of hip hop artists such as Hex One, Schoolboy Q, Ja Rule, and even the legendary LL Cool J himself, the bucket hat fits the bill.

Our offering comes in a range of colors including white, black and red and is available in a polyester hex pattern and a range of head sizes. It also has an adjustable toggle strap that will keep it firmly in place, no matter how hard the wind blows!



Once you’ve kitted out your upper body, making sure your legs are protected from the elements is next. Fortunately, at Detroit Life, we have you covered, literally. Yes, that’s right, we offer a range of joggers that will keep your legs warm no matter what the weather.

If you are looking for maximum warmth and comfort, then our Detroit Life Joggers are a smart choice. This is because they clock in at 8.5 Oz and are crafted from a generous 80% cotton 20% polyester blend fleece. One that will keep you warm, but also helps prevent sweating.

Our joggers come in a range of colors and patterns including camo so you can mix and match depending on the look you want to achieve. You’ll also find our signature quality embroidery logo emblazoned on the leg to complete the look. Team with heavy gumboots for a street-ready look, or match with your favorite kicks for a more relaxed vibe.

A lighter-weight version, our 6oz Detroit Life Sports Joggers, are perfect for keeping your legs and muscles warm while you work out this winter, whether that’s lifting weights, or pounding the pavement.

They are crafted from 100% polyester for a hard-wearing finish that will survive even the most intense fitness regime. Our lightweight joggers even have zippered pockets, so they are perfect for storing your phone and keys while you work out!


Our Nike range

Detroit Life is pleased to announce that we now offer genuine Nike items branded with our very own logo. Yes, that’s right for all you label heads out there, you can get cred not just from the world-famous Nike Brand, but from our iconic label too.

Our Nike range includes traditional style hoodies as well as a 100% polyester long line hoodie that is perfect for both wearing on the street and working out. The hood on this sweater even comes with an extra high cowl at the front. Which means your neck will be protected from even the coldest weather this winter.

We’ve got some pretty sweet backpack options too, including one stylish choice that comes in black or wheat. A piece that will complete any man’s outfit with just that hint of edge that shows the world who you really are.

Then there are the Nike sack bags that come with our logo printed across the front. In particular, these lightweight bags are perfect for holding your gym towel, kit, and phone while you work out this winter.


Military range

Here at Detroit life, we pride ourselves on understanding the style and functionality needs of the modern man. It is this understanding that has led us to develop one of our newest offerings, the military-inspired range.

You will find that most items in the range come in hues of army green and camo and are explicitly designed to echo the no-nonsense style of the military.

One of the most popular pieces are the simply styled 8.5 oz Detroit Life Army Hoodies made from an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend. At the same time, our impressive Detroit Life military backpack is set to make waves on the street and fashion blogs online.

This backpack comes in an olive fabric with padded straps, double zips, compression clips and a vast amount of elasticated holding loops. Which not only gives it a distinctive look but also will help to keep you organized even on the move this winter.


COVID range

By now, you will have realized that Detroit Life Gear is about more than just pieces to wear. Our brand is also about identity and community, about showing the world that you are part of something and that you belong.

Of course, that means we had to respond to the current pandemic crisis by providing our customers with comfortable, yet functional clothing that also showcases their resolve during this trying time.

It is this idea that inspired us to create our Against COVID-19 range which includes both T-shirts and hoodies in a range of colors. These pieces display one of several slogans including Detroit Against COVID-19, as well as Michigan Against COVID-19, Detroit is Stronger than COVID-19, and Everyone Against COVID-19. Therefore no matter where you call home, you can show that you stand with the brave heroes of our healthcare systems, and all the other citizens and priority workers that are risking their lives to protect others.

You can also find a range of Detroit Life face coverings in our store, which you can mix and match with your against COVID-19 wear to show your dedication to public safety! After all, don’t we all have a duty in this time of peril and confusion to show others not only the right way to behave, but also that we stand with them, and that despite this crisis, they are not alone?


Sport masks

One the topic of face coverings, here at Detroit Life we also have sports masks available for our customers to pre-order. These differ from the traditional face masks as they include activated carbon filters to keep dust out and are made from super sleek and comfortable neoprene fabric.

In particular, our masks are perfect for exercise and people that ride bikes in the city, as the exhalation valves keep the inside well ventilated. They are also designed ergonomically, so are much more comfortable and so suited to more intense or more prolonged use. You can even replace the filters, so you know that you will always be breathing in safe, clean air, no matter where you go.




You may be wondering why our bottled water is featured in a winter edit. It’s because it’s almost as essential to stay well hydrated in the cold weather as it is hot! After all, by drinking enough, you can help to make sure the mechanisms in your body that protect you from colds and flu are fully functional and completely intact. Something incredibly important this, of all, winters!

The good news is that when you drink our Liquid Luxury natural spring water, you won’t just be flexin’. You will be doing good for your body and your community too. This is because Detroit Life water has a pH content of 7.8 and is rich in minerals with a TDS (total dissolved solids) of 142 parts per billion.

For each bottle sold, we donate 5 cents to humanitarian programs and communities in the Michigan area. Money that is used to provide clean, safe water to those in need and help local organizations and charities thrive, despite these challenging times.

So, if you are looking for clothing and accessories that will keep you warm, while also making sure you look cool, shop with the best Detroit T-shirt store today – Detroit Life!

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