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The Intermediate Guide to Detroit Souvenirs

Dec 22, 2020

Detroit Souvenirs

Detroit first became an official U.S. city in 1815, and ever since then, it has been a leader in innovation and industry. The first steamboat in the upper Great Lakes ran from Detroit to New York, and everyone knows the popular Michigan city for its innovations in the automobile industry.

Detroit also made its claim to fame thanks to the endless superstars of Motown. From The Jackson Five to The Supremes, and from Marvin Gaye to The Temptations, Detroit was the absolute hotspot in the 50s, 60s, and 70s for music that defined a generation.

In more recent years, Detroit has become known for its grit and determination. We’re a tough city, but we’re proud of that. We’ve been at the leading edge of the country’s most prominent industry for decades, and we have the continued determination to show that.

While the Motor City has been showcased over the years in a variety of ways, from movies like 8 Mile to Detroit Rock City, true Michiganders and fans of the city know how the streets here really are.

So, if you want to represent Detroit, what are the best souvenirs to do so, and look like you’re a part of the city scene?


Detroit Life

Detroit has a culture all its own. When you wear a shirt or hat that says ‘Detroit Life,’ people know you’re representing something tough, resilient, and hard-working. That’s what our city is all about, which makes that simple phrase all too fitting for a place that has been knocked down more times than we can count, only to get back up again.

We feature our Detroit Life collection on a variety of different apparel to fit your needs, whether you want a simple t-shirt, a hoodie, or a hat. You can even get some items customized with your name to show everyone what you represent.


Support Your Cause

Because the people of Detroit and hardworking, you can also choose a souvenir that represents something you’re passionate about, including:

  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Ending racism
  • Military/Detroit Army

Because Detroit is so diverse when it comes to backgrounds, passions, and dreams, we try to vary our items to represent everyone and the issues that are important. We want to make sure Detroit continues to have a voice in the state of Michigan, and in the entire country. Wearing something loudly and proudly can make a difference.

Nowadays, it’s hard to go anywhere without thinking about the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you agree with some of the measures taken for safety or not, you can show off your fight for freedom with a hooded sweatshirt or t-shirt that says; Detroit Against COVID-19. Together, we will see it through. Wearing something that suggests just that can give everyone a bit more hope. It gives us a sense of unity and community that is so desperately needed right now, when everything seems to feel so uncertain. You can even show your love for the city with a ‘Detroit Life’ mask. Stay safe out there!


313 On the Go

Because Detroit has always been known as an industrial city, the people who live here are always on the move. They are always ready to work, to hustle, to make their next move forward. If you want to represent that, whether you live in the city or you just want something to remember it by, try a souvenir that is as functional as it is fashionable.

Some of the most practical souvenirs we have to offer are hats and bags. From military backpacks to Nike-branded Detroit Life sacks, you’ll love being able to carry these items with you wherever you go. They are perfect for the gym, to take to work, or even for traveling. Because they’re branded with simplistic, bold beauty, everyone will know your deep love for Detroit no matter where you take your bag.

Our hats serve the same purpose; they’ll keep you protected and stylish while showing off your love for the city. We love our bikers, too, which is why you’ll find ‘Bike Life’ trucker hats in our collection.


Starting Them Young

The love for Detroit runs deep in all ages, which is why our kids’ collection is actually one of our favorites. While it might not be as rough around the edges as some of our other gear, your kids will be the coolest ones on the playground in Detroit Life gear. They might even be the coolest one at daycare, thanks to our Detroit Life onesie.

Bet you didn’t think Detroit could be so cute, did you?

Kids souvenirs always make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, or “just because”. If you know a little one who definitely needs to represent the D, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the stylish gear they’ll love to wear.


Souvenirs You’ll Actually Love

It doesn’t matter if you currently live in the 313, you used to live here, or you know someone who absolutely loves what our city is made of. We’ve got the souvenirs that represent what this city really is. Far too often, city souvenirs can be cheesy, cheap, and exaggeration of what that place really represents. We strive to give an accurate depiction of Detroit in everything we create because we love our home.

If you love this city as much as we do, then let us help you gear up and represent it in the best way possible. Don’t settle for souvenirs that just say the city’s name or something that you won’t want to use or wear all the time. At Detroit Life, we let our gear speak for itself as something our customers actually enjoy wearing and using. Take a look around, and find your perfect souvenir to show off your Detroit love – or, send that love to someone else, and spread the Motor City across the globe.

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